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Our company is engaged in attracting investments in the project of innovative cryptocurrency mining, the founders of which are professional miners from several countries (USA, China and Russia). During the year, we developed a concept for the mining of cryptocurrencies, at which the cost of electricity will be reduced to a minimum. Having carried out all necessary calculations and researches in the field of alternative energy resources, our analysts came to the conclusion that the best source for generating energy is the use of solar panels, which will reduce the cost of electricity by several times.

Part of the contributions of our investors will be directed to repayment of loans through which the necessary equipment was purchased and installed, the remaining deposits will be used to expand and improve the quality of production. Thus, we ensure a constant increase in production efficiency. In mining we diversify risks and use the half of our productive capacities for first-order crypto currencies (ETC, ETH, DASH, LTC), as well as the other half for promising currencies such as STEEM, DCR, GNT, OMNI, XLM. Daily payments to depositors are carried out through the selling of these cryptocurrencies on exchanges. This business has become highly profitable because of a sharp increase in the demand for cryptocurrencies over the past few months.

The principle of operation of the company

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